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Phoenix, 12/30/15 –Over 100,000 plus. Over 100,000 people are currently waiting for a kidney on a national transplant list, hoping against hope that their gift of life arrives before it is too late. Nearly 2,000 of those waiting live in Arizona where the wait time can be as long as 5 years. Each year, nearly […]

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Kidney Donation – A Public Service


Each year in America, 35,000 people are added to the kidney transplant wait list — 20,000 more than those who actually receive one. Our nation’s supply cannot meet its demand. Efforts to increase living kidney donation are often squelched in a tired debate about incentives being morally unacceptable. What about the moral and medical imperative to save lives? Thousands of lives […]

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Patient Empowerment Course – Now Online

Patient Empowerment Courses! Patient empowerment course now available online. Course membership includes 3 progressively staged kidney patient education tracks, course quiz and certificate of completion. Learn more:

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Living Kidney Donor Awareness Month


Living Kidney Donor Awareness Month January is Living Kidney Donor Awareness Month in Phoenix Arizona. Join the movement. Ask the Mayor of your city to approve a Living Kidney Donor Awareness Month. Let’s get cities across the nation to honor our living heroes and increase participation by inspiring good-hearted citizens to lean in this direction. […]

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Artificial Implantable Kidney

implantable kidney

KidneyBuzz Research Team for the Kidney Project (developers of the Artificial Implantable Kidney) answered key questions, like where does it go, what size is it, what does it do (as compared to a regular kidney transplant – and how long will it last. Watch this informative video from doc’s at UCSF:

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Patient Engagement Improves Outcomes

The  Outcome Connection – Patient Activation & Engagement.   According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal on March 31, 2014, patient outcomes can be impacted by how engaged patients are in their care. In this article, How Doctors Rate Patients, studies show that patient outcomes are better—and costs are lower for patients […]

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Dialysis or Transplant?

Dialysis is a No-Brainer. Getting a Transplant Requires Far More Diligent Doing. Dialysis or Transplant? Most anyone can get on dialysis. Only those willing to step up and fight for a better life—will earn their best shot at getting a transplant. Most kidney patients can sleepwalk their way to dialysis without any effort at all. […]

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Why Living Kidney Donor Transplants Are Better

Ten Reasons Why Recipients Should Want a Living Kidney Donor. Why should recipients want a living kidney donor? It’s better: You will experience better health and live longer. If you receive a living donor kidney transplant, you will enjoy proper kidney function for an average of 12-20 years, much longer than if you receive a […]

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Wearable Tool-Belt-Like Dialysis Machine

Clinical Trial Underway For “WAK”  – Wearable Artificial Kidney, A Wearable Tool-belt like Dialysis Machine. The University of Washington has the go-ahead for the first human safety trial of a portable, wearable kidney dialysis machine. The Wearable Artificial Kidney (WAK) is a 10 pound, battery-operated device that’s worn like a tool belt. Patients on dialysis […]

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Urgent Need For More Kidney Disease Patient Education

Why Chronic Kidney Disease  (CKD) Patients Need Advanced Education Many kidney disease patients are floating in a sea of uncertainty caused  by inadequate patient education and various knowledge barriers. Consequently, the patient’s understanding of various treatment options, outcomes, and how the timing of their own engagement can affect their outcome, is often lost . Sadly, […]

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