The Kidney Patient’s Best Life Book…

Disheartened Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients who fear a life-sentence tethered to a dialysis machine, now have an opportunity to bypass dialysis and live their best life possible. Author and preemptive kidney transplant recipient, Risa Simon, is living proof that kidney patients can shift their fate and secure their best life possible if they’re willing to be proactively engaged in the process.


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Risa defied her doctor’s “get sicker first” advice after realizing she was sleepwalking her way to dialysis. Her goal was to bypass dialysis and secure her best life possible-and that’s exactly what she did! Now, dreaming a bigger dream, her goal is to give all CKD patients an opportunity to bypass dialysis and secure their best life too. Her story is told with dauntless candor and her life-changing insights are shared with inspired wisdom and astonishing details that are rarely talked about, but must be known.

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bus stop. Risa's book GOT KidDis.mock upWhat reader’s are saying about this book:

-It hadn’t occurred to me that I could avoid dialysis and go right to transplant. Since reading this book, and sending copies to my perspective donor, I now have a plan to get a kidney as soon as possible. This book answers a lot of questions and empowers the reader to move forward with confidence. -Q. J.

-How I wish that I had read Risa’s book years ago! She is not only a beacon of hope, but offers a step-by-step guide of all the things you can do to take control of your life. You must be proactive; it is the only way you will ever find a kidney donor. Read this book now! -R.M

-This book helped with my husband’s transplant immeasurably. It is clear, concise, thoughtful and very helpful. Anybody dealing with this kind of medical issue should read this book! -B.W

-Well written and comprehensive handbook for anyone with kidney disease. I like the easy to read format. The author has a lot of passion and good intensions to help others. This book is very informative and inspiring. -KB

-Great guide for taking control of your kidney disease. The author teaches you to be your own advocate. It’s more than just a motivational guide, it has very solid recommendations, resources, and references to walk you through everything you need to know to “Shift Your Fate.” -Jo