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Risa offers a unique vantage point as an educator, speaker author and kidney patient coach who knows from experience what it’s like to be in a sinkhole of renal failure uncertainty. She transformed her remarkable journey into a quantum leap forward in search of her best life possible. The systems she created have helped many of her clients become their own “donor magnet” by securing a transplant from a non-related living kidney donor — before the need for dialysis! Risa’s also help those already on dialysis, end their deceased donor wait by exploring living kidney donor opportunities.

Risa now offers CKD patient empowerment seminars, webinars, workshops and private coaching packages to help all transplant eligible kidney patients secure their best life possible.  The life Risa and many fans now live.

Chronic Kidney patients can also learn Risa’s secrets to success in her coaching companion book: Shift Your Fate: Life-Changing Wisdom For Proactive Kidney Patients.

What Coaching Clients are Saying:

-Risa is truly inspirational.

-Wonderful positive approach to self advocacy.

-Extremely liberating to learn that we have a choice.

-I have so much more confidence and I feel so much more empowered!

Listen To Risa’s Live Interview on KidneyTalk Radio Here

Watch Video Interview With Risa’ And Her Living Donor.

Whether you are looking for specific guidance on how to go about getting evaluated for a transplant or you need help finding potential living kidney donors, you’ve come to the right place! Even if you just need to talk to someone to sort out your feelings and get a better sense of direction, Risa Simon’s personal empowerment sessions will give you the insight, courage and direction you’ve been yearning for.


After just one session, you’ll feel inspired to push through your fear and become your own best advocate.

This could be the most empowering step you’ll ever take!

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