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While most patient seminars are presented by medical experts, Risa Simon, a former CKD patient who conquered the preemptive (live-donor) transplant process, now shares her unique approach with other CKD patients so they too can live their best life.

Risa uses her own experience and the experience of those she mentors and coaches to relate to her audience, so the audience feels “she get’s me!” Her relentless “wisdom-hunting” strategies proactively led her to astounding revelations.

That treasure chest of hope she discovered is what compelled her to push beyond standard medical advice, which was to “wait and get sicker first.” Now, the powerful systems she developed for herself are available to help other CKD patients (who are transplant eligible) proactively bypass dialysis (or shorten their wait for a transplant).

It’s all about becoming your own best advocate. Learn how you can become your own best advocate and secure your best life possible.

This is what Risa wants for you.

If you are in need of speaker, workshop facilitator or one-on-one coach to improve Patient outcomes…

Ask Risa to show you the way!

What the Audience is Saying:

-Thank you Risa. You are a stellar role model of proactive courage. Not only did you change your quality of life, but your transplant gave you the platform to share your message with the world, offering hope and a path that many kidney patients may not ever have known was possible. You went above and beyond to provide an empowering afternoon. – Mary Horngren

-You’re a wonderful inspiration. Love your TransplantFirst approach! – Yvonne Clemens

-Thank you for your passion in sharing your story. You’re making such a difference!  You’re now ranked as one of my favorite people of all time….up there with Erma!”-Jody Balaun


Speaker BIO:

Risa Simon is the founder and CEO of the TransplantFirst Academy and The Proactive Path, and the author of the kidney patient’s empowerment book: Shift Your Fate: Life-Changing Wisdom for Proactive Kidney Patients.

Yet, Risa is known best as an immensely grateful and bighearted pay-it-forward preemptive (live donor) kidney transplant recipient with an enthusiastic zest for life.

Risa  gives back a portion of her time serving as on various kidney patient community committees. She also supports public policy for kidney patients, and patient engagement in renal groups and transplant center communications. Risa also serves as a peer mentor for the National Kidney Foundation and as the education coordinator for the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation’s Phoenix Chapter.

Whether she’s speaking from a platform, coaching kidney patients over the phone or mentoring her book fans, Risa’s determined to empower CKD patients to secure their best life possible. The life she now lives.

Risa has helped dozens of kidney patients proactively achieve their goals. This is what she stands for and believes in–and what she seeks to ignite in all  audience attendees.


Program Listing:

Success Strategies for Hopeful Transplant Recipients: The “How To” Guide to Kidney Patient Empowerment & Self-Advocacy

Course Description:

Whether you’re hoping to get a transplant before the need for dialysis—or you’re already on dialysis anticipating a transplant from a living kidney donor, this course can champion your journey.  Attendees will learn how to become their own best advocate by proactively triggering timely discussions that lead to optimal outcomes

Let’s face it, a diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) can elicit paralyzing fears that can make patients feel powerless and stuck in missed opportunity. This seminar speaks to those who value smart choices and seek their best quality of life. If you’re willing to face the reality of your future and do the necessary work to inspire potential living kidney donors to look your way, this course is for you!